A contemporary Passover

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Today, some individuals within the Jewish community have reinterpreted the way they observe Passover, according to the Managing Director of USC’s Center of Religion and Civic Culture Brie Loskota.

“What Jews have come to do is to reinterpret the Seder and the observance of Passover to give it contemporary meaning so an interface Seder between Muslims and Jews or between Jews and Latinos or Seders that focus on a particular issue,” Loskota said.

Terri Bloomgarden, co-owner of Canter’s Deli on Fairfax Avenue, said that her 24-hour restaurant is open all night long for families looking for a venue to conduct Seders.

“Seder really means order and what we have here is a unique situation because each family does their own Seder, instead of having one person leading it in their style each family does it in their own style they are comfortable with,” said Bloomgarden.

The holiday, which remembers the Jewish Exodus from Egypt, began Monday night and will end on Tuesday, April 22.