Sign spinners: the everyday extreme sport

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We've all seen them. Advertisers flipping signs on street corners and outside of businesses to get your attention.

You would never guess that many of these workers, who often spin signs to earn extra cash, are part of a burgeoning sub culture that is not on every continent and has an annual world championship in Las Vegas.

In a world of constant, in-your-face digital advertising, it is hard to believe that a guerrilla technique like sign spinning is growing.But, as AArrow Sign Spinning Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder Mike Kenny says, the influx of digital ads is why sign spinning has taken off.

"Advertising has so over saturated people that they just block it out and ignore it," said Kenny. "When they'd rive down the street they are trying hard to ignore ads being thrown at them. Sign spinning is a form of entertainment and gets their attention."