Thousands attend memorial service for TSA officer

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The LA Arena held thousands of TSA and LAPD officers this morning in a memorial service for Gerardo Hernandez, the TSA agent who was killed in a shooting at LAX on November 1. 

Several public officials, including Mayor Eric Garcetti, US Attorney General Eric Holder, and Acting Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security Rand Beers, honored Hernandez's memory and his work as a federal agent.

Friends of the family and coworkers remembered Hernandez as a devoted father, husband, and friend. They held his memory as a coworker in high esteem, describing him as a committed and cordial professional who always had a smile on his face.

Hernandez was killed in the LAX shooting rampage when gunman Paul Ciancia opened fire at the security checkopint of Terminal 3. Two other TSA officers were wounded in the shooting. Hernandez is survived by his two children and wife.