Raakhee Natha

I am a recent import to the vibrant city of Los Angeles, I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The past 8 years of my career have been dedicated to the management consulting industry, working for Accenture. It’s taken a while for me to discover this … and I have my own story to tell … but I have finally come to appreciate that my life’s ambition is simply to “witness and tell remarkable stories.”

A curious nature forces me to explore new countries and to continuously expand my boundaries of personal growth. As I expand my knowledge through the witnessing of profound events and exploration of remarkable places, I am compelled to share these stories.

My key area of interest is broadcast journalism including the documentary long form, with a focus on international journalism covering politics, business,technology, travel and culture. There is nothing that excites me as much as the everyday stories about remarkable events and people in little-known places, that can have global impact. I am fascinated with peoples’ life journeys and transformations. 

Raakhee Natha's Stories

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