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The wellness and diabetes group from the Martin Luther King Jr. outpatient center is taking part in a food revolution in south Los Angeles.

The lesson today, fish made easy.  The receipe includes a basic red sauce sauteed with garlic, olives, and basil, baked over a white fish and served with what the cooks called brilliant broccoli. Caroline Snow, is one of the food champions in Los Angeles, she explains some of the steps from today's recipe.

"We're using the canned tomatoes sauce here on the rig, but you can use fresh tomatoes and with the summer season coming and growing new gardens its great to pick your own tomatoes, puree them, and use that. Then we're making the sauce, putting the fish with it and baking it for a few minutes, it bakes really quickly," said Snow.

The food revolution project started in May 2011, lessons are oriented toward young people, but most of the classes are mixed with both adults and children. Scott Bottemer, operations manager of the Jamie Oliver Food foundation, says south Los Angeles is one of the 14 communities in California with high rates of obesity and diabetes.

"We're here because this has been identified as a community that has significant issues when it comes to fresh food access and the health related issues that go along with a diet that predominately consists of processed foods and fast foods, which is why we are here," said Bottemer.

The 40 week tour started in Fresnom, is now in Los Angeles, and will wrap up in San Diego. Friday May 16th will be the third annual food revolution day, where the Jamie Oliver foundation will try to set a world record by having the highest number of people cooking the same dish, which will be the rainbow wrap.

Classes will continue in south L.A. until Friday April 21, but the food revolution will continue to serve communities across the state, one plate at a time.  


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