Victor Figueroa

A down earth type, who knows how to work hard but not take life too seriously.  Victor is a recent graduate of NYU, and grew up mostly in Maryland, about 30 minutes south of Baltimore.  Victor is an audio junky and thinks sound is the most captivating aspect of everyday life.  

Most importantly Victor thinks people in radio are the most chill, down to earth individuals (probably because they're a bunch of nerds like himself).  Victor has worked/interned at several radio stations/companies including: WOR Radio, Sirius XM, Howard TV, CBS Weekend News, and ABC News Radio.  One day Victor hopes to be in front of the mic hosting his own show.  But for right now he is enjoying his time helping others produce great content for ARN.  He also does radio reporting on the side.  Oh and in his free time Victor likes to exercise by playing the coolest sport around...ultimate frisbee.    

Victor Figueroa's Stories

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