New rock camp for girls inspires punk rockers in Southeast LA

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With a goal of encouraging self-esteem and self-empowerment in young girls through a medium of music, the first non-profit girl rock camp sprouted in Portland, Oregon, in 2001. At 55 and counting, these day camps have spread all over the world, connected by the Girls Rock Camp Alliance. Chicas Rockeras of Southeast Los Angeles is a new iteration that provides a price-accessible, safe space for campers to express themselves and explore their cultural identities. Every aspect of this camp is tailored to both confronting and embracing the realities of being girls growing up in Southeast LA. Wishing she’d had a girl rock camp to attend in her own youth, Allison Wolfe talks shop with Chicas Rockeras organizers and volunteers.

Audio and script by Allison Wolfe.

Slideshow photos of girls at camp below by Melissa Ramirez.

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