California State Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian

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Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian, 46th District, called into The Hot Seat to discuss the Assembly's special session, AB 533 and drones. The Assembly currently has two special sessions - one for transportation and one for healthcare. The transportation special session is designed to find funding to repair and improve infrastructure. Nazarian, who is a member of the special session committee and the standing Transportation Committee, would like any funding deal to include money for mass transit.

Nazarian is also a member of the Health Committee. The chairman of that committee, Assemblyman Rob Bonta, introduced Assembly Bill 533. The bill would have changed how much and how out-of-network healthcare providers in in-network facilities bill patients. It failed in the Assembly, however, because the Assembly did not concur with the Senate amendments. This was the result, despite a 38-10 vote.

The legislature recently passed several pieces of legislation that would regulate drones. Nazarian believes they are needed to keep people, especially minors, safe.

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