Becoming part of the 'Spirit of Troy'

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Since I was a wee one-year-old, Ben Ebert was going to Cal football games in Berkeley, CA.  He grew up watching college football every weekend and the thing that really stuck with him was not watching the actual game, but the marching band. Ebert especially loved listening to the drumline as they marched toward the Cal Memorial Stadium. He remembers going home and replaying the drum beats and cadences in his head.  He dreamed of playing for the Cal Marching Band.

That was until he saw the USC Trojan Marching Band for the first time.  He remembers watching the Trojan, wearing his gold helmet with the giant red plume, stabbing the center of the football field before the rest of the band marched out onto the field playing “Tribute to Troy.” It was an inspiring moment that he would never forget. 

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