Flying out Of LAX for Thanksgiving? So is everyone else..

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LAX is never empty, but this Thanksgiving it's expected to be extra busy -- the most busy airport in the country, in fact. Travel behavior analyst Nancy McGuckin tells us why that might be and what we can expect.

As the United States gets increasingly diverse, there has been an increase in international travel to and from the country. As one of the biggest international hubs out there, LAX would understandably be affected by that rise in international travelers. But, McGuckin says that's not the only reason there's so many people coming through our airport. HINT: It has something to do with why so many people want to live in Los Angeles too.

USC students aren't surprised by the news, but they're not optimistic either. Fortunately, they can head to another LA-area airport that's actually expected to be one of the least busy this holiday season.