• Match Volume: Episode 4

    Interviews with Ross Blocher from the investigative podcast "Oh No, Ross and Carrie,"  pulitzer-finalist and his new book "Infamy," and...

  • This Podcast is Outdated

    Detours explores our obsession with the antiquated- particularly, our love affair with analog formats. What some people consider junk, other...

  • Interview with Richard Reeves about the Japanese-American Internment

    Best-selling author Richard Reeves' new book is about one of our nation's worst moments. The book is "Infamy."

  • Root Source - F@*k

    Ever wonder where one of our favorite dirty words came from?

  • Brie's Story

    A new study shows dogs have learned to use their puppy eyes to their advantage.  So, do they really love...

  • Root Source - Balls to the wall

    Highway to the danger zone.

  • "In the pool"

    Swimmers are judged winners or losers by seconds, or nanoseconds.  Bexx may not be the fastest, but head coach Dave...

  • Root Source - Tax

  • Root Source - Poison