Downtown Los Angeles gets a little greener


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People who passed by Spring Street near 7th were attracted by the opening of two parklets this morning. These enclosed mini parks have colorful fences, plants, and public recreational zones. They were built where pakring speaces used to be. City councilman Jose Huizar praised the project for helping improve downtown and rejuvenate the streets.

"They are designed by the community and customer fitted to a neighborhood by the people live and work here. The goal of parklets is to make city street more pedestrian friendly. They enhanced the neighborhood experience. And we hope to encourage a more active life style and build the stronger sense of a place," said Councilman Huizar.

Huizar also said these "community-driven" projects gained help from many other groups and individuals.

"This professioanl team of designers, engineers, architects, lawyers, artists and even graduate students who all live and work here in downtown LA and all working together," said Huizar. "But they didn't do it alone. In fact, all of our parklets have had an amazing support from a number of individuals, businesses and organizations."

People who live and work around downtown showed their excitement for these new green spaces.

"I love the park," said Gretcchen Siemers, who works at downtown. "I'm very glad it's here. It's great opportunity for people who live and work in this neighborhood. And people just walk by , visiting the nearby businesses to take a minute and relaxing on the street, utlizing the active transportation options and have a good time interactin with their neighborhors."

Amanda Wallace who lives in Echo Park but often comes down to downtown agreed.

"I love it. It is really an innovative way to transform urban spaces. And I'm really excited to use it."

Two more parklets have been built in Highland Park and El Sereno. Huizar and oterh Los Angeles officials said they are expecting a citywide expansion to follow.


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