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  • LA votes to increase punishments for hit-and-runs

    The LA City Council approved a measure to address the growing number of hit-and-run incidents in Los Angeles.

  • The Hot Seat: Journalist And Professor Atul Singh (Video)

    The journalist and professor gives his thoughts on global affairs.

  • ARN From Where We Are - October 8, 2015

    Reaction to UCLA's "Kanye Western" party, a huge gift to LA's nonprofits, an interview with an astronaut very far from...

  • First Farmers Market in Inglewood

    Downtown Inglewood buzzed with activity as residents gathered for the city’s first certified farmers’ market. Organized by the Social Justice...

  • Interview with Richard Reeves about the Japanese-American Internment

    Best-selling author Richard Reeves' new book is about one of our nation's worst moments. The book is "Infamy."

  • ARN Live Show - April 16, 2015

    Today's show discussed a new app to stop sexual assaults on the metro and Suge Knight's court case. It also...

  • ARN Live Show - March 30, 2015

    Details on the UC Berkeley student who went missing from USC; a case update on the Bahia Emerald trial, more...