• LA votes to increase punishments for hit-and-runs

    The LA City Council approved a measure to address the growing number of hit-and-run incidents in Los Angeles.

  • Compton gets a taste of the Food Revolution

    South LA is getting a taste of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, where experienced chefs teach locals how to cook smart...

  • Families come togther this Easter Sunday

    Holy Thursday kicks off the religous weekend, leading to what's cosidered by many the most important Christian Holiday: Easter. Some Families...

  • Novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies at 87

    The literary world loses one of its stars.

  • Security guard's California dream becomes minimum wage struggle

    Coming to Los Angeles for your dreams is not a new story. But for one man, working the night security...

  • A contemporary Passover

    Some parts of the LA Jewish community are observing this year's religious holiday in unusual ways.

  • Why a name matters: South Central Los Angeles

    Part one of the two-part collaboration with Intersections' South LA naming project.

  • Militarization displaces indigenous peoples in the Philippines

    More than one thousand members of the Manobo group have been displaced from their homeland.

  • Single-day sale of Google Glass propels privacy debate forward

    Admist the Tuesday sale of Google Glass, Google's wearable computer, Consumer Watchdog held a Press conference this morning detailing the...

  • Pay your taxes ASAP?

    Tax day can be stressful, even if it doesn't have to be.