• LA votes to increase punishments for hit-and-runs

    The LA City Council approved a measure to address the growing number of hit-and-run incidents in Los Angeles.

  • New York investors show interest in downtown LA

    Once just a collection of office buildings otherwise ignored by the rest of Los Angeles, Downtown L.A. is transforming into...

  • Hewlett-Packard to split into two new companies

    After 75 years as a unified company, Hewlett-Packard announced its plan to split into two companies. One, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise will...

  • Teenagers' driving abilities questioned in light of recent fatal car crash

    Jose Polanco has been a driving instructor at Abel's Driving School in Los Angeles for eight years. He tells us...

  • A move by the Supreme Court allows same-sex marriage in five more states

    Same-sex marriage is now legal in five more states: Oklahoma, Virginia, Utah, Indiana, and Wisconsin. As a result, there are...

  • LACI hosts 2nd annual Glosho event

    Businesses from all around the world come to Los Angeles for innovative, environmentally friendly technology.

  • ARN Live Show - October 6, 2014

    Same-sex marriage, NBA TV rights, and LA's tech culture. 

  • Los Angeles outshines Silicon Valley when it comes to technology

    Los Angeles is not only the home for entertainment, but now one of the leading cities for technology and innovation.

  • NBA announces new deal with ESPN and Turner Sports

    A big pay-day is on the way for the NBA

  • Rosslyn Hotel now a home to 75 veterans

    Homeless Veterans have found a place to live.